Fortune bank

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Fortune bank 由曼谷 Fortune bank 基金会联合全球数 10 个国际及俄罗斯技术极客团队联合发起。
Fortune Bank is a joint venture between the Bangkok Fortune Bank Foundation and 10
international and Russian Technology Geek teams.

创新的数字资产银行系统和灵活的数字金融服务,与您一样个性化。fortunebank 为您提供:移动支付 法币闪兑 货币存储 信用借贷等业务
Innovative digital asset banking system and flexibledigitalfinancial services, as personalized as you. Fortune Bank provides you with: Mobile Payment, currency flash conversion, currency storage, credit lending and other services

6 月份上线 DAPP 及数字资产银行开发,两款国际级 Difi 及数字资产交易系统的开发,机构轮,战略伙伴签约全球董事股东的招募同时启动IDO

The launch of DAPP and digital asset bank in June, the development of two international-class Difi and digital asset trading systems, institutional rounds, strategic partners signing the recruitment of global directors and shareholders at the same time Ido

Digital Assets Bank will be in Asia, Europe, the s, the Middle East and other major global operations of the deployment site

数字银行应用将全球启动,真正实现移动支付、法比闪兑、手机pay 打通、KYC流程打通实现跨链支付
Digital banking applications will be launched around the world to truly realize mobile payment, France than flash cashing, mobile pay through, KYC process to achieve cross-chain payment  

Digital Insurance, digital asset banking, virtual social, virtual e-commerce, virtual office,virtual finance and other trillion industry layout.

FB 是整个数字资产银行平台的⽣态治理代币,也是应⽤以及流通于整个去中⼼化数字身份的核⼼资产,初期基于 Binance Smart Chain (BSC) 发⾏,并同步开发⾃有的⽣态公链
FB is the ecological governancetoken of the whole digital assetbanking platform, and also the core asset of the application and circulationof the whole decentralized digital identity, initially based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) issued, and synchronous development of its own ecological public Chain

公链开发完成后,FB 将全部映射到主⽹。将跨链作为底层工具,打通不同数字资产之间的资产隔离,具备跨链跨币、专一性、安全性的特性。
After the development of public chain, FB will bemapped tothe main network. Cross-chain as the underlying tool tobreakthrough the asset isolation between different digital assets,with cross-chain cross-currency, specificity,securityfeatures.

FB 数字资产银行让区块链技术更好的跟现实世界相结合,在区块链世界和现实世界之间搭一个桥梁。
FB Digital Assets Bank makes the blockchain technology better integrate with the real world,building a bridge between the blockchain world and the real world.

对接了各大交易所(包括币安 火币 coinbase)的 FB 是一个以支付网关开发为主的体系,和那些trc10 的代币是有本质区别的
The FB, which connects the major exchanges (including coinbase, coinbase) , is a payment gateway-based system that is fundamentally different from the trc10 Tokens

FB 是一种专有的多链架构,通过将区块链技术的功能与当今互联网的可访问性相结合
FB is a proprietary multi-chain architecture that combines the functionality of blockchain technologywiththe accessibility of today’s Intern et

That is, in a Information asymmetry, uncertainenvironment, the establishment of a variety ofactivities to meet theoccurrence and development of the “Trust”ecosystem.
资产的互相转换,多链格局的形成是不可否认的一种刚需!拥有FB Token就拥有了世界财富通道及数字资产银行生态公民身份!
The mutualconversion of assets, the formation of multi-chain pattern is an undeniable need! With FB Token you have the world’swealth channel and DIGITAL ASSETS BANK ECOLOGICAL CITIZENSHIP!

在我们fortune bank世界中,您会发现 加密 投资 安全 NFT 元宇宙等主题的精彩
In Our Fortune Bank world, you’ll find great themes in encryption, investing, and the secure NFT Metauniverse